Same Sex Marriage

San Andreas is a small city. Peoples who lives in here is not so much like in other city, the population is not so big. And there’s one family who lives here, they’re so happy and peaceful family. That family name is Thom. The Thom’s family have two daughters and one boy. Their son’s name is Thony. The Thom’s family have a next door neighbor. It’s the Mier’s family .The Mier’s family only have one son. His name is Vixxy, and he is still single .They became a neighbor since The Mier’s family moved to the city about 5 years ago.

Vixxy and Thony  became a best friends since they were in senior high school. They were so close to each other. They grew up together and now they were a grown up man. But something different happened to Thony, he feels that he have feeling something different with Vixxy. Something that he never felt before, he thinks that he have crush on Vixxy. And Thony realize the feeling that he have on Vixxy was so unsual and strange. When other man have interest feeling to a woman, but Thony have interest feeling to Vixxy which is a man also. The first time when Thony realize that he have crush on Vixxy is when The high school’s prom night, when Thony want to take a glass of wine and accidentally he was slipped over because he was shocked when there’s a mouse just walked through his feet. And then Vixxy run as fast as possible to help Thony to avoiding Thony gets hurt. Vixxy makes sure that Thony suffered from any injury, and then Vixxy takes Thony back home. Vixxy drives a brand new fancy car. The Vixxy’s family is a truly rich family. They have multi billionaire property business, such as restaurants, apartmens and hotels. A few days after the incident, Thony expressed that he’s feeling interest to Vixxy . and then it turns out that Vixxy has the same feeling too. After that they decided to having a relationship seriously but they keep it quietly. They keep secret about their relationship to their familes. Time goes by and the both of their family realize that Thony and Vixxy had something different like the time time they’re in high school. Finally their familes knew that they were having a relationship. Their families were so shocked about their relationship and it was so embarrassing to their family reputation. Thony and Vixxy realize that their family never give them a bless or grace to their relationship. But loves beats all the the obstacle. They takes all the risk, they decided to get out of their house. And their families gave up about what happened to their sons, it’s what their sons have choosen.

A few years later, Thom nd Vixxy came back home and told their parents about their marriage. The first reaction of their families especially their parents were so shocked. But Thom and Vixxy explain about their decision to their familes. After that the familes accept it. The same-sex marriage like Thom and Vixxy was not so welcome in certain country. That was prohibited in some country. Thing like this is still taboo in certain country. Because it’s not relevant with their cultures and their religions. Because naturally that men pairs with women . In Moslem religion, they believe that woman was created from the man’s ribs.

Finally Thony and Vixxy were happy living with their decision. And their family still trying to accept about their decision about marriage. But their families  still hoping and praying that they’re realize that they made mistakes. Because there’s no parents want a bad things to their children. Because their families loves their children so much and wants the best for them.


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I love Myself, so be gently to yourself. Because you're really friend who can help you is your own self
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